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Vending Services

The Wolfpackaging Managed Care Process

The foundation that our Total Quality Vending Management is built upon is the Wolfpackaging Managed Care Process. We specialize in managing accounts having multiple locations over a very wide geographic area, which can be anywhere across the entire United States. Our secret for doing this successfully is that we don't attempt to do everything by ourselves – we capitalize on our national relationships with strategic partners in all aspects of the vending industry.

Instead of maintaining a fleet of Wolfpackaging trucks to service accounts and refill vending machines, we leave it to the experts to do what they do best — including local Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottlers and their powerful distribution networks. Each partner focuses only on their field of expertise to bring you the best possible vending service in each category.

Wolfpackaging brings these partners together, manages the communications network, and directs immediate response to any problems or opportunities for improvement. Sandwiches and cafeteria services are furnished by strategic business partners who have proven their commitment to quality services. The equipment available to you and your associates is clean, state-of-the-art, matched in size, serviced and maintained by the people who absolutely know their individual services best.

Think of Wolfpackaging as the conductor of an orchestra, bringing together all the elements of Total Quality Vending Management to give you far superior service and satisfaction than you could ever achieve by dealing directly with individual vendors. The Managed Care process significantly enhances revenues through streamlined communications and enhanced quality performance.

Our vending services include any or all of the following options:
  • Soft Drink Vending Machines

  • Snack Vending Machines

  • Healthy Vending

  • Sandwich Vending

  • Hot Beverage & Coffee Service

  • Office Water Cooler Services

  • Cafeteria Services

  • Total Services Management


Experience the difference that Managed Care can make!

  • A single-source solution offering a complete package of bundled services, with multiple options (Coke and Pepsi products).

  • Presently serving more than 1,000 vending locations in eleven states, with complete capabilities to offer nationwide coverage.

  • Soft drinks in all locations are fully serviced directly by the bottlers.

  • Totally managed program with one toll-free number to call for product, mechanical and logistical concerns – 800-662-6199 – backed by our 24-hour response guarantee.

  • One monthly, easy-to-read roll-up report for all locations depicting sales and revenue by location for convenient allocation purposes.

  • Wolfpackaging personally works with each facility in order to place the right equipment and product selection in the right location.

  • Ongoing auditing/monitoring to optimize sales potential and minimize losses.

  • Certified by the North Carolina Hospital Association and Healthcare Enterprises as well as the NC Association of Long-Term Care Facilities.

Let the Process begin!

Call 919-616-9844 and find out more about putting Total Quality Vending Management to work for you and your business.

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